Aug 29, 2014

Friday Letters

Dear Money, can you be a little more forthcoming? I know I sound needy, but I need you. To those people who says money can't buy happiness, I don't believe you.  But I would never know, hahaha. But anyway, the universe will provide.  Dear School, I know that it's my fault that I came back when I have a perfectly happy career but you are my unfinished business.  And since I am not a quitter, I have to finish.  But not being a quitter doesn't mean that I am also not a whiner, hehehe. So why so many requirements??? Dear Mountain, any mountain, I miss you! I need to climb one soon or I will go crazy.  I know I do not exactly have the time and the weather is not that perfect, but I really need to go up and see a mountain soon, very soon! Dear Me Time, I need you too. I need to feel pampered. Dear You Who Shall Not Be Named, I expect the love I think I deserve and at this moment, I do not deserve this! So this set-up is what's best for now. But I am extremely pissed! Dear Blogs, thank you for keeping me sane.  Sometimes, my thoughts are so jumbled that I have to put them out there and see how whiny I have become.  Since I don't think people read this anyway, I can say my piece, just because I can, hahaha.  Not too responsible I know. Oh well. Dear Kids, thank you for loving me unconditionally. I love you with all that I can. 

Aug 27, 2014

Hair Rebond at Wellecut Salon: A Review

I bought a voucher for hair rebond at Metrodeal since it's been more than a year since my last hair treatment.  The voucher was P699 for a hair rebond, wash, cut and blow dry at Wellecut Salon. So I made an appointment at 3pm yesterday and was there at 3:05 since it was just on the building across my office. I waited for around 30 minutes as the two attendants were busy with other clients. At 4:00 pm, my session began and I was done by a little after 7pm. And the result was gorgeous!
So, first there was the treatment, which was left for some time. And then some more treatment was added, and then my hair was washed. Then it was blow-dried, then it was ironed. Then it was treated once more, the washed once more, and then blow-dried and ironed for the last time.  The service was not hurried, and the attendant's touch was very light and relaxing.  They have free-wifi too so I was busy with my phone and tablet the whole time that I didn't mind the wait and the process! 
I love their service, and the professionalism of my attendant, and that they are located just across my office so very convenient!

Wellecut Salon is located at: 
LG-32, CityLand Megaplaza, ADB Avenue Ortigas, Pasig 

Aug 14, 2014

Counting Calories

I was supposed to be on this 500-calorie a day diet and you want to know what 500 calories like? Yep, its above, and a little more.  A Great Taste 3-in-1 White Coffee is 85 calories, a boiled egg is 77, a Magic Flakes crackers is 130, and the Okra is 32 calories.  That is what I ate up until I stop counting!  I was beginning to have a headache and so I ate. I had turon and another cup of coffee.  I was good up until this point because I exercised for one hour, but come dinner, I went home to Paksiw na Pata, and all traces of counting calories all went out the window.

It is tedious to count calories and it sometimes take the fun out of eating.  But it still pays to know how much calories I consume a day.  Maybe I am having difficulty now because I am not used to this limited intake, but I hope to be able to do it one of these days.

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