Sep 22, 2008

Divisoria:Ukay Ukay Heaven

When Divisoria is mentioned, what images come to mind? Yes, shoes, dresses, great finds, lots of people, snatchers, give-aways, wedding dresses, toys and a lot more! Whatever you need, you will surely find it in Divisoria. That is why Divisoria is the Ukay Ukay Heaven!
I was in Divisoria last Saturday to buy toy prizes for my godson's 7th birthday party. (Sorry, I wasnt able to get any pictures since I didnt bring my phone with me). And I was again really overwhelmed. My last visit there was in May to buy school stuff for my kids. It was crazy then, and it was crazy again this time. There were already lots of people shopping for their christmas decors!
Here are some of my tips when doing your shopping in Divisoria:
  • Make a list. Of things you will buy and how much your budget is. And stick to it! Believe me, this is the easiest tip to give and the hardest to follow. See, even if you budget only 300 pesos for a shoes, you will be sorely tempted to get that next pair! And even if items are not on your list, once you see that cute hair accessories for 5 pesos only, yes 5 pesos, you wont be able to resist. And later on, your small buys will add up and eat up you budget.
  • Dress comfortably. Divisoria is jampacked with people. Even inside its airconditioned malls, you will have to tough it out with the crowd so better be dressed for battle. Especially, wear very comfortable shoes or slippers. Believe me.
  • Bring a small body bag for your money and a big shopping bag for your buys. You must secure your money and cellphone (if you really have to bring it!). Divisoria is also known for snatchers and pickpockets! Also, you dont want to be burdened by plastic bags for all items you bought so bring a big shopping bag where you can stuff them all. Preferably, a bag with zipper so your items are safe. There are kids selling plastic bags but sometimes they are pricey.
  • Dont get over-excited. You saw cute slippers for only 50 pesos so you bought a pair. Only to see that further along the road, the same slippers were being sold for only 25 pesos. Yes, sad indeed. However, don't take too long to decide. By hoping to see slippers being sold for 20 bucks, you may end up not buying anything at all or worse, having to go back and look for them all over again.
  • Learn from your mistakes. Ha ha, so you bought that for 50 pesos when you can have it for 20? So the sukli of the Manong is kulang? So you had blisters on your feet? Or worse, you lost your cellphone? These things could happen, so be sure to avoid them and if it inevitably happens, just learn from them.

These are just some practical tips that you may or may not follow. Some people I know go to Divisoria just to enjoy watching people. Some go there with no idea what to buy and end up lugging huge plastic bags of stuff they dont know what to do with anyway. You can't resist Divisoria, I am telling you.


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