Oct 20, 2008

Cristy Fermin Deserves Her Suspension

I saw that episode of The Buzz where Buy Abunda made Cisty Fermin answer line by line Nadia Montenegro's accusations. I dont know what made me sit there and watch (I am Proudly Kapuso, not that I watch all their shows but if it was a choice between the two, well, then channel 7 or patayin na lang TV and lets read a book; but they were on a commercial break and I was channel surfing and I have no more book to read) her made those statements and the whole time I was cringing while being -1. sorry for Boy Abunda (can they really make him do this?) 2. sorry for Nadia Montenegro (whether the accusations were true or not, I pity her and her family for havong been subjected to this trash) 3. sorry for Cristy Fermin (whatever made her become a sad, bad person?) and 4. sorry for myself and the whole Philippine TV viewers for having to bear these kind of shows. It was a sad, sad day for Phil TV really.
Now the latest news is that ABS-CBN finally suspended her contract. Prior to this, there were already bloggers calling for sanctions to that very irresponsible and malicious interview.
Hay, napakagulo talaga ng showbiz. I don't usually watch shows like this. I prefer to just read or if walang choice, just watch cartoons, travel or cooking shows and it was indeed a rare occurence for me to watch that whole interview without flipping channels. The whole time, I was like, is this for real? Can she really say these things on TV? Is it true? Why is Boy Abunda still there? Hindi ba siya nahihiya sa mga itinatanong nya at sa mga isinasagot ni Cristy Fermin? That very irresponsible. She has no right to cast those malicious remarks about Nadia's children. It was sad that it took her station two weeks to suspend her pero better late than later (ang MTRCB kaya?).


  1. on reading your post, i realized that Boy Abunda should also have been sanctioned--he did not exercise prudence when he continued with the interview. he must have known that something was VERY WRONG--or was he enjoying it himself?

  2. yes, he should be. he was there, asking the questions, moderating the interview. he didn't look as if he was enjoying himself, but ako ang nahiya para sa kanya for having to ask those questions and for having to sit there and listen. now, he wont even give comments on Cristy's suspension, which for me shows that he is also guilty. anyway, lets wait na lang again how this will unfold.