Oct 31, 2008

Imbestigador Ruined My Breakfast

Did you get to watch the Imbestigador ads during Unang Hirit this morning? Ewwwwwwwww! I was having breakfast and after seeing the dead man's face with uod, I threw up a little in my mouth! Could'nt get another bite. During lunch today, while eating my fried tilapia, I kept seeing picture of the uod in my head. Good thing, I had somebody to talk to, which kept me busy and kept my imagination from running wild and kept me from seeing uod in my tilapia. Yes, it will probably ruin my dinner also.

Again, are they allowed to show such scenes on TV? Imbestigador will feature funeral parlors , their costs, their rackets and all in time for this Halloween celebration. Pero goshes, utang na loob! Wag naman ipakita sa TV habang may kumakain. During 24 ORAS, whenever a sensitive item will be shown, Mel Tiangco or Mike Enriquez would make pasintabi. At least, prepared ka. But this morning talaga, I swear, KAKADIRI! You might think na umaarte lang ako, pero sige nga, ikaw nga imaginin mo to: mukha ng patay na lalaki, with the wife na nagrereklamo sa quality ng pagkaka-prosess sa patay, then makita mo nga yung mukha ng patay na may uod!

Eww, even while writing this, kinikilabutan pa din ako.

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