Oct 20, 2008

Loco over LaLola

My household is now loco over the newest Kapuso Show, La Lola. Its a local version of the same show from Argentina where Lalo becomes Lola (you get the idea?). Its been airing for a week now and I have watched maybe 3 minutes of the the whole show, only looking up from re-reading the book, Assasini (mala Da Vinci Code) . It think its funny, judging from the giggles I keep hearing and the violent reaction I am getting from my mother whenever I tell them to shut the tv off. Kainis lang, na it started when its Drexelle's and Danniels exam the following week. Me, I lost any real interest when that DOM-personified, Eddie Garcia told Lalo about the the 3F (F nga ba or is it L?) on dealing with girls. I cant remember what those three things na nga are anyway.
I like JC De Vera, Iza Calzado (I like her!) and Rhian Ramos. They are nice to look at and Keempee de Leon is funny but, he sometimes try too hard.
Oh well, I will let you know once this show captures my attention like it did Encantadia before.

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