Oct 15, 2008

Napansin Nyo Ba: Ukay Ukay is Killing the Local Garment Industry

This was the topic this morning in Unang Hirit's Napansin Nyo Ba Segment by Pareng Oscar Orbos. And yes indeed, I personally believe that Ukay Ukay is killing the local garment industry. There are certain economics behind this but for me the simplest explanation is that of practicality. When people have money, they can afford to buy more pricey garments. However, in these times of economic turmoil, pragmatism calls for looking for alternative means of stretching the budget to meet the needs of our family. The budget or the income is fixed, but the needs varies. Woe to the mother whose job is pagkasyahin ang kakaramput na budget! Though I am very sorry to hear that the garments industry is receiving a beating, the government should indeed work to give more incentives to them to make them more competitive in this market.

So yes, I still love ukay ukay.

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