Oct 10, 2008

What is Ukay Ukay?

To the uninitiated, Ukay ukay are second hand items, pre-loved or hand-me-downs or, well, you get the general idea. The word I think comes from halukay which literally means to dig in or to scavenge from a pile.

From the
online tagalog-english dictionary: hal´ukay maghalukay, haluk´ayin (mag-:-in) v. to dig, to turn over and back either in search of something or to mix well. Hinalukay ni Maria ang aking mga kagamitan. Maria rummaged through my things.

There are a lot of reports/studies/articles in the net that seeks to explain Pinoy's fascination to all things okay and here are two of the most useful links:

Ukay Ukay by Dr Jaime S. Ong

First class finds from second-hand closets by Dinna Chan Vasquez

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