Nov 21, 2008

Elsewhere In The Blogosphere

Sorry guys, I have been remiss in promoting your sites in my blog, so here is a little link-love! I found all these sites from PMT and I am green from envy because their designs and contents are sooo nice!

Money Making Sites Sources

Electro Magnetic Popcorn! C'Mon!

The Filipino Nurse

Jhay's Online Logs


  1. thanks for the link love, i love it (wink). Congrats to yuor blog. This is jhaylogs from

  2. Nice Blog. Nagkanda-duling-duling ako! hahaha. Galing! PMtier.

  3. thanks for the link! I added you too in my blog haha ^_____^ keep up the blogging spirit!

  4. :) Thank you for posting my blog. I take by heart to visit every PMTiers site so it's nice to get updates from you guys.
    -Jared, The Pinoy Nurse Entrep-