Nov 25, 2008

Jhay's Online Logs

The blogosphere is a weird place. Sometimes, you are lucky to find nice blogs and behind it, even nicer people. One such blog is Jhay's Online Logs. With a blog like his, you would think that Jhay would be so busy and famous and won't have time to answer my er, stupid question. You see, I have zero knowledge about blogging, save for writing. I use free templates and copy and paste codes using blogger easy to use template. So when my feeds wont update, and desperate for clues, I emailed Jay! And surprise, surprise, he very kindly told me what to do. Pero since di nga ako marunong, my feed still doesn't work. I ping-ed and ping-ed,pero ayaw niya talaga mag-update. Sorry, Jhay!

If you want to help me, just leave a message here and give me a tutorial. Oh, the blog in question is To be, To Be. Tutubi. If you put me on your blogroll, you'll see it doesn't update.

Again, thanks Jhay for the help and more power to your blog!

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  1. regarding sa problem mo sa feeds mo, ask our fellow blogger na yung default RSS feeds ang ilagay nila lets see if its work. heres your deafault RSS feeds [url=][/url]

    Sana ma solve mo na yan, its annoying talaga.

    Thanks for blogging about Jhay's Online Log. Thank Tou