Nov 27, 2008

Manny Pacquiao Is Part Of My Vacation Plans

We are off to Bohol for a week-long family vacation. Since this a budget travel, I scoured the net for best deals on resorts and tours. I was lucky to find such deals that fit my budget. For the beach resorts, to save on money, I opt for a non-air conditioned room, since we are by the beach anyway and the resort also has a pool. My husband and I agreed on this. On our fourth night, we decided that we will move to a hotel in the city, and this is where Manny Pacquiao become a part of our vacation plans. See, my husband wants a room that has cable TV because the Pacquiao-Dela Hoya fight will be aired on December 7. Not that its difficult to find one. Its just that plans for that whole day would be confined to 1. going to mass and 2. swimming by the hotel's pool while my husband is holed up in the room, watching the fight. I told my husband that he can watch the fight once we get to Manila since it will be replayed for sure. Oh well, not that I am not rooting for Pacquiao, because I am. It's just that I was hoping to get the most out of this vacation and I don't want Pacquiao to be part of it.

Well, lets just see who wins. Me or my husband. He he.

photo from GMA News Tv's Dream Match


  1. Lolz, good luck Dinah. A piece of advice, just let him watch it, it won't take the whole day anyways! I have a trip to Malaysia on the day of Pacquiao's fight and I really feel sad not to watch it live.

    - sharlene

  2. ha ha, you maybe right sharlene. i may have to re-think my fight strategy on this one! too bad you cant watch it live, but im sure, somebody will text you the results.