Nov 3, 2008

Western Union Gold Card

I was at the Western Union branch in Galleria during lunch today to send money to my boss' friend and saw that they were giving away this FREE Western Union Gold Card (just fill up the form). I have read in various forums that Adsense also pays thru Western Union and this card will surely make it easy to get your earnings. I'm sure next year I will reach my first USD100.00 and I will be able to use my Western Union Gold Card. I can wish!
Anyway, aside from being able to get adsense earnings, the gold card also offers various discounts to these establishments (minimum purchase required):
Abenson-P500 off
Abenson-Homeplus-10% off
Barbie & Kids Depot-10%
DHL Express-Free DHL stuff toy
Electroworld-Free USB Flash Drive
George Optical-Free Eye check-up, free multicolored lens (min. purchase req.) , 5% discount on lenses
Goldilocks-Free sandwich bread
Greenwich-Free Greenwich Double Ham and Cheese Pizza
HBC-Free gift
Informatics-P300 off
Timezone-Plus P40 for every P160 purchase
Waltermart Supermarket-P50 cash voucher
Waltermart Shopping mall-Free 3 hours parking
Discounts and gifts are also available at A-1 Driving school, Center for Pop Music Phils, David's Salon, Friendly Care Clinic, Kodak, Mr Quickie and Extreme Magic Sing.
So, what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest Western Union branch and get your own Western Union Gold Card today!

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