Dec 16, 2008

Bibingka, Puto Bungbong and Simbang Gabi

Today is the start of the Simbang Gabi or the Misa de Gallo, the nine-day dawn masses that also marks our long celebration of the Christmas season. It is one of the most important Filipino Christmas tradition, the Novena to ask for special graces and to show faithful devotion. After the mass, it is always a treat to eat the delicacies being sold near the church, such as bibingka and puto bumbong.
Early this morning, my husband (he didn't go to mass since last night was my company's Christmas party and we went home late) went out to buy bibingkas, one special and another regular, and 2 puto bumbongs. I was so touched, since he knows they are my favorite, so I forgot to take photos before we started eating them. Siempre, when I remembered to take pictures, there was nothing left, except for the niyog! Anyway, here are yummy and nice photos from the Pinoycook.

Now, there is a small lifting of my post-Bohol holiday mood and I am slowly beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! There is really nothing like food to usher the holiday!

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