Dec 22, 2008

Divisoria in December

Of course, you have been to Divisoria this December. With prices of everything going up and our meager salary staying the same, we troop to Divisoria in search of gift items for our inaanaks, parents, friends and loved ones. But how is Divisoria in December? It is a battle zone , I tell you. If you have been to Divisoria during May-June, in time for opening of classes, you can imagine the number of people there. Now, multiply that number by ten. Yes, thats how crazy Divi is this time of the year. But you can buy really cheap stuff, and get the most out of your money if you are wiling to brave the battlezone. When I saw the sign below, I had to take a picture. I only managed to take another one before my mother glared at me to put the phone inside before some somebody grab my phone!


  1. grabe, parang alay-lakad ung first photo ha!

  2. Hi Dinah, are there Ukay at Divisoria or is it all new rtw clothing? I like Ukay better and have heard there are some warehouses near Divi but directions were very vague. Thanks for any help.