Project Wonderful

Jan 21, 2009

I want a nice blogger template

I am currently tweaking this site, so please forgive the ever-changing look. I have lost all the links at the left but will surely update once I am satisfied with this blog's new look. I am actually looking for a free 3-column blogger template, that is very easy to customize, what with my limited knowledge in design. So if you come across a template that you feel would suit this blog, please free to leave a comment. I am actually prowling at Blogger Buster where I got the design from my other blog, but I have yet to find the one I really like for this one. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome!


  1. Weeeee!!!! blogwalking! nice post. please feel free to visit my site at

  2. Hi Dinah,

    This template is fine. You just have to add some color and design to the header. I like this theme. Happy blogging.

  3. There is a girl named Lee who does FREE layouts. I mean completely FREE. Contact her & she will do whatever you like. Just be very specific with what you want as far as colors, fonts, etc.

    Here is her link: