Jan 14, 2009

No LPG Shortage? What About Hoarding?

We buy our LPG tank once a month but due to more-than the usual cooking made during the Christmas and New Year holidays, we had to buy one a week shorter than our usual projected consumption. And while according to the news, there is NO LPG shortage, we cant buy from two of our usual LPG suppliers as they have run out of supply. My husband had to go the palengke and pick-up (they charge a P10 delivery fee!) the last tank from that big retailer as well. According to these suppliers, they are also baffled as to why their delivery has been delayed for more than two weeks now. But my husband did not linger to make small talk and find out the reason for the shortage in supply. If the LPG Marketer's Association is sure that there is no shortage, then what is this then? If the problem is the turnaround time, why wouldn't retailers queue if it would mean they would get their supply? We didn't have the same problem last Christmas so what is special about now? Hmm, I really wonder if there is hoarding going on.

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