Jan 16, 2009

Pacquiao vs Hatton: Not yet a done deal?

I am not a boxing fan but when your husband worship the ground Pacquiao (and Ginebra) walks on, you have no choice but to be updated on who his latest opponent would be. If you ask me, it would be better if Pacquiao quit boxing now, while he is on top. But if you ask my husband, he should have two more fights: against Hatton and Mayweather. Recent talks on the fight against Ricky Hatton is yet to be finalized because they said Pacquiao wants more share of the the purse, 60-40. Some say he is getting greedy or ill-advised. I say its his face and his life, so if he wants to demand more money for it, and he can probably get away with it now that he is at the top of his game, then why not?

Whoever he gets to fight next time, I will be sure to watch and cheer for Manny. But please, please, please, can we minimize Aling Dionisia's airtime?

Photo from Wikipedia


  1. hahahaha! you dont like aling dionisia, do you?

    I'm a fan of Manny Paquiao, been waiting for him to close his property acquisition here, though I don't like the way he tried hard to speak fluent English. Anyways, heard about the movie with Stallone? ;)

  2. Its not that I cant understand her pride for Manny, because I get that, pero ang OA na kasi minsan :-)