Jan 9, 2009

Was it an Earthquake?

Barely 5 minutes ago, while talking to my boss, we both felt an earthquake. We are in the Pasig Central Business District in Ortigas, and our office is almost at the top of a 47-floor building so you can imagine my heartbeat rate at the moment. Or was it just us? Did you feel it too? I will check this again a little to see if I was not just imagining things.

Be still my beating heart!

It was a magnitude 5.1 earthquake.

But it didn't feel like a 5.1. Now, I can joke :-)


  1. We had an earthquake last night at 7:49 PST (California, USA time). It was a 5.0. Weird that you had one on the other side of the world at almost the same time.

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  3. bayrocasmama, maybe we are on the same fault. though the area where I was, was not on the center of the earthquake. but huh, still scary!