Apr 24, 2009

Blog Make Over in Progress

I am a new blogger and tweaking this site is one of my favorite past times. I am still in search of the perfect template (is there such a thing?) but I am quiet happy with my effort in trying to make this blog look unique. One of the best tutorial sites in customizing your own template is Amanda's Blogger Buster. She really helps you build a better blog, and at the same time give you the satisfaction that the blog's design is all yours! She has a Blogger Template Design Series that is really very easy to follow. So if you are itching for another blog make-over, head over to Amanda and try your hand at customizing your own template.

Other sites worth mentioning are Cooltext.com for very nice logos and Squidfingers for patterns and backgrounds.

I am not done yet, and be sure to leave your comments and suggestions on how I might make this blog more pleasant and enjoyable.

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