Apr 23, 2009

Blog Template And Page Rank

I am thinking of changing this blog's template because the design is not aesthetically pleasing and I am quite tired of it really. I love to have those smooth and put-together look of other blogs and I am really raring for another makeover. But I am afraid that changing this blog's look may change my newly minted PR1. Ehem, ehem.

Is there a relationship between a blog's template and page rank? Or will it not matter as long as you put back the page elements on the same place? Hmm. I tried googling it but I can find no definitive answer. Maybe because it has no effect at all? Oh well, then maybe I should just go for it?

Let's see.


  1. I don't think the template will affect your page rank. the big G doesn't see the designs really but the content. You were asking for an ex-link? Just tell me if I'm added and which blog to add so I can add you immediately. Thanks.

  2. As I understand it, PR is computed by links going into your site (and probably the links within your site as well). If it's merely the template that you'll change, I am sure PR won;t be affected. :-) Unless those sites linking to your site remove you from their list because they think the new template is ugly. :-D Kidding. :-)