Apr 8, 2009

Buy Me A Car, Dear!

I just realized how difficult it is to not have a car this Lenten holiday. While all of my friends are going away on road trips in nearby provinces, we are stuck in the city, using public transportation on such a hot summer! Its so difficult to get around with 3 kids without your own car. Sigh. However, our finances are tight right now so what we can probably afford to look at are used cars. I am looking at this UK Car Search Leader, wishing that I live in UK. Within this site, its so easy to compare prices, make, model and design of both new and used cars. They even have hire and lease options so with the budget that I have, I can be sure to find out what I can possibly get. They can even get you a car loan quotation so you can check if you can go that route in owning a new or used car.

I keep telling my husband to buy us a car already and I will have him look at this site later so he can to get used to the idea.

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  1. Hi Dinah! Hope you had a good Holy Week and a Happy Easter.

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