Apr 5, 2009

Happy Long Vacation!

It's gonna be a free and fun week!
April 6 is a holiday for April 9 which is Araw ng Kagitingan due to the government's holiday economics.  And our company gave us forced leave for April 7-8, then April 9 and 10 are lenten holidays.  Wow, a whole free week without work! Unfortunately, we don't have plans of going out of town due to budgetary constraints, but we have lined up our DVD's for a week-long movie viewing marathon.  We might go and visit my sister in Taytay and go swimming at any of the resorts in Antipolo or Montalban.  The kids will surely enjoy that.
For those going out town, do take care on the road and remember to secure your empty house. 
Happy week-long vacation to all!

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