Apr 17, 2009

Holiday Pay Guidelines for the Holy Week

I came across this post from Roysville on DOLE's pay rules for the Holy Week holidays and it was very informative. Just the other week, my brother-in-law who was on leave for a whole week was advised to report for work last Saturday so that he could also be paid for the April 6 holiday. He was on leave without pay so it was very considerate of his employer to ask him to report earlier. For the un-informed, it says on the DOLE's guidelines that you must be present or have filed a leave of absence on the work day immediately preceding the holiday for you to be paid. So for April 6, that was last Saturday or Friday and for the Holy Week, you should have reported for work the previous day or have filed your leave. In some companies, like ours, we are already on forced leave on April 7-8 so we could have an extended vacation.

For call center employees, or those that are required to work during the holidays, the guidelines from DOLE are:
A. If the day is the employee's regular workday:
- If worked, [the employee] is entitled to 200% of his [or her] basic wage for the first eight (8) hours and, for work in excess of the 8 hours, an additional 30% of his or her hourly rate on the said day;
B. If the day is the employee's rest day:
- If worked, the employee is entitled, for the first 8 hours, to 200% of his or her daily rate plus 30% and, for work in excess of 8 hours, plus 30% of his or her hourly rate on the said day.
Did you check your payslip to see if you have been fairy compensated?


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