Apr 2, 2009

Kris Aquino, Queen of All Media?

I am not sure if I heard it right but I think I heard Boy Abunda introduce Kris Aquino as Queen of All Media when the teaser for the new show Pinoy Bingo Night was shown in The Buzz. I did a double take then, but completely forgot about it until now. Then I checked Kris Aquino in Wikipedia, and she,
"has been labeled as the Philippines' "Queen of All Media" because of numerous endorsements (number one endorser in the Philippines), successful shows, particularly talk shows and game shows and currently being the 2nd most Powerful Celebrity in the Philippines according to the April 2009 issue of Summit Media's Yes! Magazine. She is also known as Philippines' "Queen of Talk", due to her success in hosting talk shows and the "Queen of Game Shows" having also successful top-rating game shows. In the movies, she is also known as the "massacre queen" for her blockbusters true-to-life films and the 'horror queen" for her record-breaking box office hits."

Huh, but I haven't heard her on radio. She is not even famous on the Internet like Perez Hilton, a self-proclaimed Queen of All Media. I was just visiting his website and I remembered Kris Aquino.

I wonder who gave her that title. What other titles can we aptly give to Kris Aquino?


  1. You're right. I haven't heard her on radio. Maybe their talking about her on radio (of course she's the most controversial celebrity from the time she exposed the gun-point incident with Joey Marquez), but she herself haven't been there.

  2. maybe its just to hype her new show. I never liked her :-)