Apr 27, 2009

Marian Rivera : Darna!

photo from www.igma.tv

So Marian Rivera is the newest Darna in Philippine TV. This was announced by GMA-7 last week. I wonder how Angel Locsin feels about this. It seems GMA is really intent on erasing her existence from the network. I think Darna was her vehicle for success as well. As to who will portray Darna's interest, I really hope it wont be Dingdong anymore, and I don't like Dennis Trillo either. But their choice of Buboy as Ding is perfect. We love that kid even in the tepid Zorro. If you want to see how Marian would look like as Darna, head over to Makoy's.


  1. marian went here about a month ago. susme gumuho lahat pagtingin nmin sa knya. impakta trapped in an angelic face. unlike angel who's been here every once in while. angel fits her name well..

  2. di nga? oh well, then the rumors are true that she is really maldita.

  3. Dati nakakasalubong ko lang to sa school - di ko akalain na sisikat sya :D Yup she was pretty even back during college-walang pinagbago; siguro nga lang yung the way she talks and the way she ahm..portray herself-mejo walang finesse? haha, yeah, I think that's the mildest description I could think of. Dagdag finesse lang, ok na :D as with here ugali, wala akong idea :)