Apr 17, 2009

Ted Failon's Wife Dies

image from: DZMM
Trina Etong, the wife of broadcaster Ted Failon died last night following a gunshot wound to the head last Wednesday. And while the whole family mourn, they still have to deal with the reality that the police suspects that a crime (and a cover-up) has been committed. In news reports, Ted Failon has been placed on the Immigration watch list and even the presence of Public Attorneys Office head Persida Acosta has been the subject of ridicule from the DOJ secretary himself, who also thinks that there is an effort to "condition" the public that it was a suicide. Also, lots of people who saw on TV how the brother of Trina was manhandled by the police agree that proper police procedure was not observed.

I hope that the police makes an honest effort to get to the bottom of this mess and not turn it into another circus. I also hope that in the end, the truth will come out.

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