Oct 5, 2009

Help Jack On His Quest!

Halloween Adventure - Jacks Quest

Jack is on a quest and he needs your help! He is looking for the best Halloween story in three categories. You can send in your best Halloween Adventure in Stories, Videos or Pictures! Jack will ask America to vote for the best adventure and the chosen one gets to win huge prizes! I even joined and shared my story of how we turned an Ifugao native costume into a scary creature. That is because my son wanted to join a Halloween contest the night before the contest itself, leaving me with no choice but to convert whatever costume I can find into a scary one! That is why, even though it is still 26 days before halloween, I am telling everybody to buy Halloween costumes online or in a halloween store near you! You really never know when you might need one. Although it was really a Halloween Adventure (and a nice entry to Jack's Quest), I still think that its better to be prepared! So if you have a Halloween Adventure to share, help Jack on his Quest! You may end up sharing the best story, picture or video and being chosen as the best! Help Jack on this Halloween Adventure Quest! So please vote for my story by clicking on the link above.

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