Oct 28, 2009

Incoming Typhoon Santi

I got this from a forwarded email (and verified at Barrio Siete)that typhoon Santi (with international name Mirinae) is expected to make a landfall in the country on Friday, October 30. I know better than to sow panic and all, but I can't help but be scared once again! We had a Pepeng scare on a Friday, and here is Santi again threatening us again this weekend!

But since we cannot do anything about the weather, we just have to be prepared. And here is my checklist of things to prepare for this typhoon:

1. Candles, matches, batteries and flashlights in case of brownouts.
2. Biscuits, noodles and easy to prepare food.
3. Drinking water
4. Change of clothes, good for one for each of us already packed in a bag.
5. Money
6. Important documents in a water-proof container (just in case there is flooding again).

These are just some of the things that I have prepared already since Ondoy. We were complacent before that the flood will not rise above our street, only to wade on chest-deep flood. With this incoming typhoon Santi, or the next one, we will always prepare for the worst.

1 comment:

  1. Bad timing! People will be on cemeteries when the storms hit the Philippines. We should hope for the best but expect for the worst.