Oct 26, 2009

Is it My Turn with the Remote Yet?

Have you asked yourself recently when it is your turn to hold the remote? Chances are, whenever it's your turn, not one show is on. And its bound to happen, because most of the time, the only chance you've got is when the kids are asleep and your husband has watched his favorite games. But what if you can schedule your family time around the shows you want? Then don't you think you can wield the power of the remote control then? That's what I discovered when found out about Charter on Demand!


Now that I can schedule the shows I want, especially those HD ones. I can now schedule a family bonding time at the comfort of my home. No more waiting in line in movie houses with screaming and unruly kids. Now, I can watch a movie in peace and comfort even while preparing our favorite snacks. And that is all because I get to choose from over 6,000 movies and shows and not miss a single one of my favorite series. And if my kids want their cartoons as a reward for doing their homework on time, I can just wield my magic over the remote. And the kids love me for it! So if you want the same power over the remote control, learn more at charter.net/ondemand. You can also check out what's happening and get updates and fun extras on Charter’s Facebook page.


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