Nov 23, 2009

Find Hotels in Germany

I have never been to Germany but would love to visit it someday. Can you imagine seeing the Berlin Wall and re-living its history and how it has now become a symbol of peace? I would also love to see the Cathedral of Cologne which is said to be the third tallest cathedral in the whole world. I think it would be awesome to worship there. And of course, if going to Germany one must not fail to visit the City of Weimar which is like the seat of literature, music and the arts. So I was checking some websites on where I can find the best hotels in Germany and I found Hotels weltweit buchen and Hotels Europa Spanien. These are two of the nicest and easy to use websites that I found on the Internet. They have hotel suggestions all over Europe as well. My only problem with these sites is that I can't find an English translation! Of course, there are translations everywhere in the Internet but it would be a lot helpful if I can choose to view the site in English so that I don't have to find translation elsewhere. But if you can read German or Deutsch, then this should not be a problem to you. Oh, and one more thing that I would love to do in Germany would be to check out those shops like Timberland Schuhe. Shopping is one thing that one must remember when going abroad!

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