Nov 18, 2009

Krista and Manny?

My husband is the one who loves boxing. Me, I love Nanay Dionisia. But a news item this morning about Jinkee Pacquiao, crying during the thanksgiving mass for Manny's victory caught my attention. Of course, there are already rumors before about Pacquiao and other women, but this one being a news item, and not just showbiz gossip really caught my attention. In a video I saw at macuha's blog, Krista Ranillo was said to be seen with Manny leaving the Jimmy Kimmel Show. I can't really see Krista in the video so that's for you to decide. But during the Thanksgiving Mass in the video below (1:12), Jinkee was said to have cried when the priest said for husbands and wives to embrace, then she brushed off Manny and leaned on her friend on the other side. As a married woman, that body language says a lot! Is it true therefore that Krista and Manny are an item?

Here is the video:

Of course, the indefatiguable Mommy Dionisia was there to embrace and support her son when he was brushed of by his wife. Here is another video from GMA News:

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While I have only admiration for Pacquiao as a boxer, I only wish that this is just mindless gossip and part of mudslinging now that he has confirmed his plans to again run for Congressman. I also pray for Jinkee, and all other wives out there.

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