Nov 10, 2009

Nine Good Things

I am letting go of the parts of my life that are dragging me down. Most especially, I am letting go of the hate. I vow that whenever I am about to think one bad thing about a person, I will think of the nine things that are good about him. It's not going to be easy I know, that it is better that carrying all that baggage.

I realized that my life should be about the things that make me happy. And hating just makes me a sad person. The intrigue just makes me a bad person. Instead of thinking of ways to get even whenever I receive a bad turn, I will just ignore it and hand it to the laws of karma. Better yet, I won't spend any of my energy on finding out the reason for it. I will just let it be and won't let it bother me. I will just try to think of nine good things about the person.

Good luck to me!

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