Nov 25, 2009

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

I got this meme from doing the rounds of my daily blog readings and was inspired to do it here. Here is a list of ten things that makes me happy, today or at just about anytime.

Happiness is:
1. Danniel Noel's fun 7th birthday simple party yesterday.

2. his smile and genuine joy at the party
3. a supportive and tireless husband, Noel
4. a sweet daughter, Ishi
5. two loving sisters
6. best friends for life, who went to the party, even just for the pansit
7. a dependable son who took charge of the music (even if it was mostly Justin Bieber (or was it Jason Bieber?)
8. yellow balloons
9. cooperative weather (the rain stopped!)
10. kisses from kids before they were off to school.

These are the rewards of motherhood, marriage, friendship and family and I will be thankful for it everyday.

To know more about how this started and for the credits, click here.

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