Nov 29, 2009

What Will You Do With Your 13th Month Pay?

13th month pay and Christmas bonuses are usually given at the end of November or on the 15th of December. This is the time when most employees are happily thinking of what to buy with their money. Some buy gadgets, gifts for loved ones and some invest their money. For some of us, this is the time to pay off loans we have collected in anticipation of this money. But in this time of financial crisis and recent calamities, what are your plans with your 13th month pay.

We already received part of our 13th month pay following the Ondoy calamity and used it to buy some things sorely needed in the house. So our 13th month pay and Christmas bonus will most likely be used to:
1. pay some of the principal amount in our Pag-ibig housing loan
2. pay in advance the kids monthly tuition fees
3. buy Christmas gifts, shoes or clothes for in-laws, inaanaks, kids and for ourselves (not gadgets!)
4. buy a sidecar for a tricycle
5. add the money to our lending business

Actually, we plan to pay in full our balance in the housing loan we currently have with Pag-ibig and hopefully take out another loan for a new house in a better location. So maybe all excess money after only necessary purchases will be used for this purpose.

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