Dec 2, 2009

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Enough about Philippine politics and on with Wednesday Happy Thoughts!
Happiness is:
1. Husband who does the ironing, willingly!
2. A volcano within a volcano, a lake within a lake

3. A nice picture with a view with friends

4. Tea without the bitterness
5. Reaching level 31 in Farmville!
6. 2012
7. Almost a $100 in Paypal
8. Being married to a wonderful guy for almost 12 years and still loving every minute of it.
9. Fever that goes away after a nap.
10. Warm water

See, it takes very little to make me happy!
Credits for the Wednesday Happy Thoughts image and where this idea came from is here.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, I agree playing Farmville is a happy thought! :)