Dec 9, 2009

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Time again for our Wednesday Happy Thoughts, a list of 10 things that especially made us happy this week! So here is my list:

Happiness is:

1. My brand-spankin-new pink helmet from the husband

2. My pink lunch bag that goes well with pink helmet. I love pink!

3. Nafarin-A and Celestamine for keeping the allergies and colds away. (Sniff, sniff)

4. The remaining 15 days before Christmas for gift buying. (List-zero, gifts bought-zero, money-zero!) Panic buying mode!

5. 13th month pay! Yehey!

6. A rusty bicycle that re-introduced me to the joys of biking. And balancing.

7. A tricycle-free street for #6.

8. Recycling. The figurines were from the son's birthday cake while the liquor bottle is from a neighbor. The transformer was from a field trip.

9. A virus-free computer.

10. A kiss from the kids and husband before going to school and work.

I love my life and I love Wednesdays. This is really a very nice way to count your blessings and express gratitude for things, however little that made you happy. For the image credit and know how this started, click here.

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