Dec 16, 2009

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Its Wednesday again and the day to count our blessings! And today, I am thankful for:

1. Lotsa lotsa goodies, thingies and stuff from friends and corporates as gifts. I really am blessed (and getting fat!) this year.

2. For my boss BJ for being truly generous to the maximum level!

3. For drivers , guards and messengers for helping us distribute
our Christmas goodies. The joy of giving is much more felt because of their assistance.

4. For 13th month pay!

5. The joy of shopping for the kid's exchange gift at school.

6. Christmas lunches and dinners with friends.

7. Ever supportive and generous husband who funded the Christmas shopping last weekend.

8. Sukang Iloko and Chicken inasal.

9. Sale, sale and more sale with amazingly big discounts (Loreal, Bobbie, etc)

10. And lastly, I am thankful for having some extra money to save for buying that second-hand car. We sold ours this year to fund a business and the construction of the dream house so we are saving to buy another. We want to buy a newer model so we wont have to experience the nightmare we had on our previous car's aircon. We at least want to buy one with better ac compressor and drive in comfort, especially during out-of town trips. So yes, I am controlling the shopping this year to save, but this is another blessing for the family.

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