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Jan 4, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday


Happy New Year everyone and it's time again for some Yellow in our lives! We had a blast celebrating New Year this time and of course, what better way to celebrate but to make noise? So we had these beautiful firecrackers to marvel at during New Year's eve.

I don't believe in having 13 kinds of fruits for luck, but I did buy some fruits as desserts. My husband was buying firecrackers so I asked some money for fruits as well.

And here are kids with some kid-friendly firecrackers!

I hope you all had a safe and happy New Year! Happy Mellow Yellow Monday to all!


  1. Happy New Year!! I don't believe in 13 kind of fruits also..

    mine is here!

  2. I tried to find 13 fruits here but seems like it just will go to waste so I didn't bought any. Missed the fireworks...Happy New Year!

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  3. pinoy, na pinoy ...

    my first time here!

  4. Iba talaga ang celebration dyan satin noh sis.

    My Mellow Yellow

  5. That is what my wife misses for this occasion, the Filipino foods.

    Mellow Yellow Chill Out

  6. You can rely on fireworks to have an element of yellow in them.

  7. Missing how Filipinos celebrate New Year, the noise, the smell of firecrackers...Happy New Year!

  8. my mother always have the required number of fruits every new year for several years now:) happy new year!!!

  9. That first firework photo is very good! Happy new year!

  10. 13 fruits pala.. all the while i know 12 different round fruits lang.. great photos sis! happy new year :)

    u may view mine here