May 31, 2010

Where in the World?

I am very bad at getting and giving directions. I guess this is a result of being a passenger all of my life. I do not pay attention to street signs and road directions because I leave all of that to my husband. I trust him to get me home safely and in one good piece. So whenever people asks me where in the world is blank, I either point them to the phone directory or Google. It works most of the time, but it is a nightmare when you cant get your hands on both. One time, my aunt asked me for an address of a shop in Dallas, TX and of course, I wasn't much help. Turns out she was looking for Dallas pawnshops where she can get free appraisals for a ring her friend was selling her. She ended up in one of Houston pawn shops which gave here a good service.

But after this episode, I realized that it is a must for me to learn to give and get directions. I told my husband that I will learn this as soon as he teaches me how to dive again. I think that is a big incentive for me to learn because it would be useless for me to know how to dive and yet remain clueless as to where in the world I need to go!

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