Jun 17, 2010

Deaths and Funerals

These past few days, my youngest daughter has been worried sick about dying. This started when my husband said he was going to a wake and my daughter overheard. She asked his elder brother why people die and he said, everybody will eventually die. This made her worry despite my assurances. I guess kids her age really go through this process because I remember that I did. I just hope that I am able to make her understand that death is a natural process.

This incident actually made me think that we don't usually prepare for deaths and funerals the way people in other countries do. We either believe its bad luck to prepare for deaths, or we just leave it to those we will leave behind to take care of the gory details. Me, I told my husband that I prefer cremation over the traditional burial because I want to be at home where my kids can still be reminded that I lived and loved them. I guess a funeral agent can come and talk to me as I am open to these ideas. I told my mother that I will get a funeral plan for her and I think she was offended! I think she felt I wanted her to die already when the truth is I cannot bear to think it. But I just want one less detail to worry about when the inevitable time comes. Oh well, we will all die anyway, no matter what I tell my daughter.

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  1. He he he, Dinah, I was smiling as I was reading this. Even the kids here at home, (5 yrs old) and said she does not want to grow old because she does not want us to grow old also and die. She wanted us to stay forever young...lol...these are fears that very young children have. We will just have to know how to explain this to them. Good post. Take care.