Jun 25, 2010

Eye Glasses for my Migraine

I had another migraine attack yesterday. It was so bad I felt like my lunch would come up every time I move. One side of my head felt like it was being split into half. This was by far my most painful migraine attack ever. When I got home, I put a hot compress over my eyes and lie down. I know that the reason why I had such a bad headache was my refusal to wear eye glasses. So it was my vanity that caused me this much pain, ha ha ha. I feel like laughing now, but I was close to tears last night.

I used to wear glasses but it makes me look 5 years older.  My friend Rona uploaded some pictures taken in 2007 when I was still wearing my glasses and I look so old!  I was fat, well I still am but now as fat as way back and the glasses really made me look 45.  So I stopped wearing them.  I find wearing contact lenses to be so bothersome so I don't wear them either.  It usually is not a problem but when there is too much work like yesterday and I was staring at the computer for far too long, then the migraine attacks.  I know that I have to get new eye glasses soon but I hope I can find some designs that wont make me look older.  I hope to find chic eyeglasses that are within my budget.  Ha, will go eyeglasses hunting soon!

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