Jun 10, 2010

Living Life to the Fullest Thanksgiving Contest!

I love it when people share their blessings! More love and blessings and goodwill are thus exchanged and you get the wonderful feeling that all is well int the world! And that is what Living Life to the Fullest's Thanksgiving Contest is all about.

The prizes are so wonderful:

1st Prize: $100
2nd Prize: $30
3rd Prize: $20
4th & 5th Prize: $10 each
Consolation Prize: $5 plus AD SPACES will be raffled to 5 people

And the mechanics for joining is so so easy too:
1. Blog about the contest and the complete list of sponsors.

Here are the wonderful sponsors:
Designer's Depot
Mga Kwentong Maalamat
Hearts content of a Mama
My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf

Pensive Thoughts
Spread the Word!
Pinkville- Pink and Magic Convergence Zone
Make more Money
BHO: Blogurdian Hellsite Overcrashed
Earn Money Online with Red
My Red Hot Reviews
The Adventurous Little Prince
A Woman Remembers
My Journey to Life
All About Life

Anything Baguio
My Random Best
Tricks of Magician
Mom Fashionista
Travel Junkie Mommy
Reviews Inc.
Sexy Blogging
Novice on Blogging
Camera Sexy
At Home Here
Make or Break
Dishes by Pehpot
Lifestyle Magazine for Moms
Bloggityboop- The Magic of Mommyhood
Mommy's Infodose
Kitchen Trips

Llamas Journal - Ad space
Sharing My Thoughts- Ad space
Something to Live By- Ad space
Wonderful World of Peachy- Ad space
Sweet Thoughts and Wonderful Life- Ad space

2. Follow her blog
3. Subscribe to her and her husband's feed!
4. Then make a separate post to answer the question "What will you do if you win $100?
5. Don't forget to leave the links in her comment section.

So easy, right! So join now!

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