Jun 22, 2010

New Ride

We recently bought on installment a motorcycle, a Kawasaki Curve. I love it and my husband love it so much that he keeps on cleaning it every second of the day, ha ha. I keep on telling him that if he keeps on scrubbing it clean, the designs will fade! I guess he is just excited on this new toy. He wants to buy accessories and stickers but I told him to keep it neat and simple. Its sometimes better that way. And besides, those things cost a lot too! But I wonder how much truck accessories would cost. I saw this chrome truck along Araneta highway just the other day and was amazed at how the owner dressed it up. It looks a lot like Optimus Prime in the Transformers movie! It was really amazing. I told my husband that if he wants to upgrade our motorcycle and make it look like that, then it is fine with me. While I like our new motorcycle just the way it is, maybe some accessories will not hurt as long as I keep my husband on check. He may get carried away, and our new ride might look like an overdressed old lady (if you can picture that in your head!).

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