Jul 1, 2010


My former office mates are organizing a reunion and I am not sure if I want to attend. I used to work at the marketing department of an ice cream subsidiary of a big consumer goods company and I am sure it would be good to catch up with them. I know there will be shop talk, and I am sure to pick up some tips on online marketing as some of them has already moved on to bigger and brighter careers. My only problem is I am not sure if my friends will attend too! The bosses will be there and I am not sure I will be comfortable at all. Yes, I am afraid I wont have people to talk to if the reunion is too big. If it will be just a small gathering, I wont hesitate at all and will attend. Too bad I am not really good at small talk and might just end up boring these people.  If only my friends are not on a trip on that date then we will surely have a blast!  But then again, I can still look forward to some more reunions this year as we are planning our college class get-together.  Thanks to Facebook, we have constant communication with college friends except for a few.

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