Jun 10, 2010


One of my silliest dreams as a kid was to be able to touch and play in the snow. Now as an adult, I still cherish the dream, but hopefully with my kids, playing in the snow. Last night, while watching the sports channel, my eldest son saw this special feature about Olympics snowboarding and he was amazed and so was I. We have never even had a chance to try ice skating in the malls here and here are experts snowboarding effortlessly! He was saying that since he knows how to skate and he rides his wave board really well, then he can do snowboarding with no need for practice! He can be as good as those on TV. As much as I was happy about his enthusiasm, I was already mentally thinking about cost of snowboards, particularly the Burton snowboards which his cousins in California are using. But that was before I realized that we can only do ice skating here in the country! I didn't want to dampen his excitement so I refrained from reminding him that. I am sure he will be as excited about another sport soon enough. And it would be remiss of me not to allow him to dream about something I dreamed of as a child.

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