Jun 29, 2010

Welcome Rainy Days!

Thank God for the rains! I know a lot of people had trouble going home last night because of the flood and traffic brought by the heavy downpour, but I just love to welcome the rainy season.  I love sleeping when its cold and can now properly say goodbye to sleepless nights because of the oppressive heat.  I know it is summer in other parts of the globe and they are eager to see the Latest Summer Fashion collection, but not me! I would rather have the rain.  Not as much the flood and the traffic, but the cool weather it brings.  Okay, let me qualify it again:  I love the rains when I am snugly indoors with my family but I hate it when it comes with a typhoon.  I hate the disruption that a typhoon brings and the fear for lives and livelihood.  But I love the rain as long as it is just cool and comfortable.  Or maybe, not the allergies that signal the rainy days!  Ha ha, I don't know too if I love the rains or not!

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