Jul 8, 2010

Big Car for a Big Family

My friend recently gave birth to her second child and other than the usual surprises that comes with having a new baby, she is well on her way to recovery. She has adjusted quite well and thinks the world of her new baby. We were already planning family trips when we both remember that their car is a 4-seater and now would probably need a 7-seater car! I told her my dream car is a lexus rx 450h but since I have a bigger family, this would probably remain a dream. My friend is currently driving a honda cr-v and of course it was perfect before the new addition to the family. We overheard our husbands discussing the merits of the dodge charger and chevy silverado and had to laugh at their enthusiasm. Unfortunately, they had to be reminded of the growing size of the family. What with car seats and bottles and nappy bags and other travelling needs of a baby and a toddler, I guess a van would be more practical for them at this time. When before our concern when buying a car was speed and looks, now it is comfort and practicality. Becoming parents has really changed our outlooks!

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