Jul 13, 2010

Bucket List: A Stamp on My Passport

On my bucket list, before I turn 35 is to have a stamp on my passport: proof that I have already traveled outside the Philippines. So far, the item to travel within the Philippines has been crossed off for some time now. I only have two years to get that stamp on my passport. Top of my list of countries to visit is the United Kingdom after I saw pictures of my friend in this nice Bed and Breakfast in Manchester. I literally really turned green in envy when I saw her and her husband vacationing in my dream destination. My boss has been there also for her honeymoon and she told me that the money they spent was well worth it! But I know that I will also get there somewhere. I actually just finished setting up an online passport appointment for my husband. We are also checking out the Asean fare promo of the local airlines because we also want to visit Cambodia and Thailand. While UK is a continent away and will need a lot of preparation mostly budget wise, visiting a neighboring country may be easier. I will make sure that I will get that stamp on my passport before I turn an old 35!

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