Jul 12, 2010

Business Cards Online

When my boss has to travel urgently and we cannot order his business cards right away, I wished then that I knew of business cards online. That way, I can have them delivered to wherever he is traveling. Normally, it takes our suppliers more than a month to proof read, print and deliver the cards. So we usually order enough to last more than several months. However, when he changes his title or responsibility, the cards are then rendered useless. We end up spending unnecessarily just to accommodate the capabilities of the printers.

Even for my own personal business card needs, I am thankful for the ease that online ordering offers. I can now design my own card and have it printed as soon as I need them. A blogger must always have some business cards with her so she can promote her blog even during events and offline interactions. Even during simple get together, I always armed with my business card so people will know my online existence. I used to print my own cards but they don't look as professional. People tend to keep nice looking business cards, I learned the hard way. Good thing that ordering online is just one click away. It really makes things very convenient and practical.

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