Jul 12, 2010

Getting Rid of Fire Ants!

When I was a kid, we used to play by having red and black fire ants fight each other. We made a big production out of it and since we never ran out of ants, this usually take us the better part of the day. We enjoyed it so much then, not concerned whether these insects have feelings too. It was the same thing with spiders. I was never bothered by ants then, except when I had to climb some trees. But now that I have my own kids, I hate these ants with a passion! There is a saying that the presence of ants brings good luck or abundance but I never buy that for a minute. For me, ants means insect bites and insect bites means unhappy kids! They really are pests, not only to my plants but to the house as well. Their nest brings loose soil that spells dirt. I can't imagine also the bacteria and germs that they bring with them! And I can't pour insecticide on them because I cant stand insecticides as well. While I hate them, I feel its to cruel to pour boiling water over them. But when they get too many, I ask my husband to do this. Or he sometimes put fire over their nests. But once they are disturbed, they bite and I hate them all over again! I wish I can get rid of the forever!

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