Jul 23, 2010

I want a swing and a front porch!

I saw a picture of a beautiful house in Real Living and I was really drooling over it! It has a front porch with a rattan swing that just looks perfect! The inside of the house features rustic furniture that makes it look oh-so-divine! The bath is to die for, the kitchen is a cook's paradise and there is a pocket garden. If I have the money today, I wont be here writing this piece: I would probably be on the phone with the real estate agent haggling over the price. For me, the front porch and the swing are really very nice touches that scream to tired, working moms like me. How would it feel to relax at that swing once the chores are done and the kids tucked in bed? With a glass of red wine on one hand, and a book on the other, that would be heaven! Or maybe with the husband beside you telling you about his day while you massage his temples? Heaven indeed! Of course, let us not talk about the price of the house right now so as not to spoil the dream, ha ha ha! But since it free to dream, I will dream right on!

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